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Диалог Костёла католического с Тибетским Буддизмом и Юндрун Бон

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В последнее время много давал по-польски материалов о приязни и межрелигийном диалоге Костёла католического с Юндрун Бон и Тибетским Буддизмом. В Польше и вообще в мире. По-русски пока переводить не хватает сил и времени, тем более — исследования продолжаются. Вкратце…

В некоторых Орденах католических (бенедиктины, кармелиты), так понимаю, идёт взаимообмен с буддистами (католики обучаются в буддийских центрах/монастырях, буддисты — в католических; в том числе, у одного бенедиктинского монастыря в Нью-Мехико, США — устоявшийся взаимообмен с монастырём-побратимом Юндрун Бон Мэнри в Гималаях) методами медитации и созерцания (это в первую очередь — созерцательная медитация), коих аналоги существуют в практиках католических со времён средневековья, и глубже — со времён раннего христианства.

Польскоязычный интернет более-менее прочесал на предмет вышеозначенного диалога, теперь вот взялся за англонет…

“…His Holiness Lungtok Tenpai Nyima, 33rd Abbot of the Bon Monastery of Menri, at Dolanji, Himachal Pradesh, India, came to the Monastery of Christ in the Desert in New Mexico for four days at the beginning of November 2004… This visit was very gratifying to the Abbot of Menri. A few years after his escape from Tibet to India in 1959, it was arranged for him to teach in England at the School of African and Oriental Studies of the University of London. It was then that the young Bon monk took the initiative to arrange to stay in some Christian monasteries in order to experience Christian monastic life in the modern world. He was received by the Carthusians at their Charterhouse in Sussex, by the Trappists at Nunraw in Scotland, and by the Benedictines at Downside Abbey. He still remembers the gracious welcome he received from his monastic hosts…

On his return to India, his work for the Tibetan Bonpos and his subsequent election as spiritual leader of the Bon religion and Abbot of Menri, duties which he assumed in 1969, prevented His Holiness from further promoting monastic interreligious dialogue. However, he always cherished the wish to find a “twin” Christian monastery. This wish was realized when the Monastery of Christ in the Desert hosted two monks of Menri, Dugsay and Sogyal, in August 2000. It was the beginning of an ongoing contact between the two monasteries.

The following year, Abbot Philip Lawrence of Christ in the Desert and two of his young monks journeyed to India to experience life in the Monastery of Menri. They landed in New Delhi, where they met the Abbot of Menri and some of his monks with whom they traveled to Dolanji. There was a great and solemn reception as the two abbots walked together in the procession to the temple of the monastery to the sound of music and singing. During their stay, the monks from Christ in the Desert had opportunity to dialogue with the geshes on such topics of mutual interest as the discipline in the life of the Bonpo monks and the Benedictine monks; the monastic vows; the resurrection of the dead vis-а-vis rebirth or reincarnation; and the concepts of soul, spirit, body, and mind consciousness

Several informal gatherings gave Bonpos and Benedictines the opportunity to get to know each other. A formal farewell, with the giving of gifts to the Bon monks and mutual expressions of gratitude and fraternity, brought this memorable visit to a fitting close”

“A Conversation between a Buddhist and a Benedictine”
“The Visit of the Abbot of Menri to the Monastery of Christ in the Desert”
“Tibetan Bon Monks at Christ in the Desert”
“I Learn from Buddhist Nuns and Monks”
“Benedict's Dharma: The Conference”

“Dzogchen and Christian Contemplation”
This conference lecture was given at Asirvanam Benedictine Monastery in India on November 25,1992 by Fr. Bede Griffiths, shortly before his death. It is a magnificent testament of one of the greatest contemporary spiritual masters.

А вот и тот самый бенедиктинский монастырь —
побратим главного монастыря Менри Юндрун Бон:
“Benedictine Abbey of Christ in the Desert”, Abiquiu, NM

His Holiness the DALAI LAMA:
“The Good Heart: A Buddhist Perspective of the teachings of Jesus”
Book conveys some of the joy, as well as the insights, experienced by participants in a Buddhist-Christian encounter — involving the Dalai Lama, head of Tibetan Buddhism, and Benedictine monk Dom Laurence Freemen — conducted in 1994 under the auspices of the World Community for Christian Meditation. While occasional and irreconcilable differences surfaced during the three-day retreat, the Dalai Lama emphasized that the quest for "good heart" involves a deep understanding of the spiritual tradition one has chosen.

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